Let’s discover together one of the most important features in our apps: The Confidence Index

Avoid Scammers and Chat with honest people

The confidence index is a number between 0 and 1 that helps our members to know if the profile that they are chatting with is honest and trustable or not. By doing this we will be protecting our users from falling into the scams and lies of potential fake profiles. The higher the index the higher is the trustability of the member. 

This index is not only used in the profiles, members can use it to filter their search results, such as finding users that have a confidence index above 0.7.

Search For People By Confidence Index

Our invention has proven its importance over the years with more than 90% percent success rate, it is now being relied on daily by hundred thousands of users. 

How is this index calculated?

We stated above that the confidence index is a number between 0 and 1, so in order to get this number we have to apply a complex equation, we will simplify it for you here so you can get the highest index possible.

In order to get high index result you need to follow thoses steps:

1 –  Fill as much possible details in your profile ( profile picture, physical appearance, descriptions…

Users Profiles - Find People and chat with them

2 – Verify your phone number and your email address using the code that we will send it to you

Email Verification - To help you chat with real people

3 – The most important step is to respect our terms, be honest, and respect our members, otherwise your account may get banned and your index will become 0

We do not accept liars, scammers, and fake profiles on our apps, we work 24/7 to eliminate them, this is why when you spot members with a low index we advise you to be suspecious when contact.ing them.

Scammer Picture - Scammers are banned on our apps

More information about the confidence index:

It is based on a list of assumptions to calculate the average confidence of a profile and the authenticity of its data. This calculation is technical but it also supports certain assumptions arising from the way the profile interacts with other users (if the person is rude then he is reported by users, this alerts our agents who will proceed with the verification. If the result is positive the action then enters the equation). The goal is to give the advantage to the most reliable profiles.

This index is intended to help you better identify our users and does not reflect much of a person’s kindness, loyalty or good education.

Where is his interest then?

The answer is simple: A person with an index 1 is a person who has a 100% correct profile without any false information, for example: if Eliane says she lives in Italy, if we detect that her own connection is French then her index drops.

A person who says he lives in Switzerland but registers a Tunisian phone number will see his index deteriorate, it also degrades if he does not register a number at all, because this floats a cloud of mistrust on his honesty knowing that the phone number is private and only seen by the administrator so why not save it?

Many other factors come into play; let’s take another example: a person using a VPN service that aims to hide their computer identity will see their index drop, a VPN hides your IP address and replaces it with another IP address, knowing that an IP address does not even show your real city, it only shows the country, there is then no interest for a normal person to hide it, this does not make to him any problem on his private life contrary to what your Antivirus software can say.

A person can live in Africa and use a Belgian internet connection through a VPN service to make others believe that they live in Belgium. We consider this person as a user who has something to hide and their index will lose value.

The index also decreases if you are reported. A reported person cannot have an index equal to 1.

We advise you to follow the administrative advices and to respect our rules and conditions so we can have a clean site with correct members.

PS: I can have an index greater than 0.8 and be a bad person, I can have an index equal to 0.2 and be a good person. The index is mostly technical and it is there to guarantee that a person’s profile contains as much correct information as possible.