Is it possible to change my username?

No, this is impossible.
The proposed solution is to delete your current account and to create a new one with the desired username.

I have not received the registration confirmation email

Are you certain that your email address is valid? If not, please check it and correct it. If it is valid, did you check that our email was not sent to your [Spam]or [Junk] folder?

How to recognize bad people?

The confidance index is a sign that reflects the honesty of the profile, it goes from 0 to 1: from worst to best. Don’t ignore it, look at it for each profile before starting a chat.
The trust score is at the top of the person’s profile page and gives you valuable information.

How do I delete my profile?

If you want to delete your profile, do the following steps:

  1. Using the menu on the left, go to [My Profile]
  2. Then in the submenu, [Edit my profile]
  3. Click [My Settings]
  4. Click on [My account]
  5. Finally, click on [Disable] -> disable or delete (By deleting your profile page all your information (messages, photos, email address, etc.) will be permanently erased and lost, no going back will be possible)

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