Atantot - Free Belgian Social Networking App

Atantot is without a doubt one of the best social networking applications in Belgium, it allows you to build new friendships and to find people that share the same interest and hobbies as you. Our app is easy to use and understand with a simple and professional design that contains all the features to give you a full experience.
In addition, Atantot can be used from many countries, this is why we have added more than 8 languages.
You can now use our advanced search option to find members based on the criteria that you choose.
The process is very simple:
Create an account then login using it.
Search for members using any of the methods that are available on the app.
Visit a user’s profile then start chatting!
NB: You may need to add a user as friend then wait to be accepted in order to contact him.

Atantot – Belgian Social Networking App