Zealanders - Free New Zealand Social Networking App

What is stopping you from finding friends?
Zealanders makes it very easy to build friendships. It allows you to search for users based on certain criteria you choose, which is very useful for finding the perfect friend..
With our app, you can also find people who share your hobbies and you can discover New Zealand’s culture.
There are many users from around the world on the app, not just New Zealanders.
Other features and services include:
– Secure connection: we offer many sign in methods such as fingerprint, 2FA authentication, email authentication…
– Fast chat
24/7 technical assistance: our administrators are 24/7 ready to help you.
– Instant Notifications
Advanced Search: It allows you to search for users based on a certain criteria that you choose which is very helpful to find the perfect friend.
Selection Criteria
Confidence index: a number between 0 and 1 that helps you to decide if a user is real and trustable or not, this index has a 90% success rate.
And many more…

Zealanders – New Zealand Social Networking App